My Favorite Host

SiteGround 💘

I can’t say enough about SiteGround. Seriously. They are so fast, so helpful, and SO MUCH BETTER THAN BLUEHOST. I’ve never gone more than a few hours (MAX) without a response to a support ticket. To read more about my experiences with SiteGround — including a one year review — click here.

Building WordPress

Divi by ElegantThemes 💘

When I first got ~serious about building my platform on WordPress, I went with the Genesis framework. That was the wrrooong decision, son. I spent about a year on Genesis before I bit the bullet and spent the money to switch to Divi by ElegantThemes. I know nothing about coding, ever, but Divi held my hand and helped me build a custom theme. I also use Divi to create landing pages (#JUSTSAYNO to spending $50/month on a leadpage builder!)

Divi Blog Extras 💘

The community of creators that build add-on content for Divi blows my mind! I only recently discovered Divi Extended, but their Divi Blog Extras is a huge part of my current blog design – I wouldn’t have been able to use this set-up without it.

Social Media

SmarterQueue 💘

Scheduling out my Twitter and Facebook accounts has always been a gigantic thorn in my paw. I love social media, but man, nothing feels less achievable than looking at that empty content calendar. SmarterQueue lets you build up a library of reuseable tweets and posts, so you never have to manually schedule shit again.

Tailwind 💘

If you’ve ever heard me talk about Pinterest, you know I love Tailwind – like, a lot. Tailwind totally changed the way I looked and used Pinterest. In less than four months, I went from having 350 followers to over 900. I would marry Tailwind if I could.

Get my "Everything I Use to Run My Business" List!

If there's one thing I'm allowed to take with me to the underworld, this spreadsheet better be it. It includes 40+ tool links, all of which I use on a regular basis 🤓


Asana 💘

Asana is a beautiful hybrid of task management and general organization. You can set up + duplicate processes, create reoccurring tasks, teams and follow-ups. I personally love Asana because my brain is always working; sometimes in a way that is a detriment to my productivity. When I think of something I have to get done, I create a task in Asana. That way I’m able to complete the current task I’m working on, and know Asana will have the next one waiting for me when the time is right.

Feedly 💘

I’ve always had a bitch of a time with trying to keep the content I read organized. Back in the day there was Google Reader, and then the mass exodus to Bloglovin’ when Google Reader shut its doors. I was never a fan of Bloglovin’, so I was way jazzed to discover Feedly. With Feedly, I follow my fav online creators, and save the best content to share with my own audience later.


ConvertKit 💘

To be completely honest, ConvertKit really freaked me out the first time I used it. I was so confused. I had just spent $30 on this service that I didn’t even know if I needed, and I couldn’t figure out how to use it! I am so glad I had the patience to learn, because the control ConvertKit offers you over your email list is INSANE. If you want to get serious about your list, give ConvertKit a try.

MailerLite 💘

MailerLite is an incredible no-cost option for those who are not ready, or wanting, to pay $$$ every month for an email service. I recently started using MailerLite, and have been incredibly happy with the free plan — it includes most of my favorite ConvertKit features, and a few extras, too.


Barkbox 💘

Like three years ago, I signed up for Barkbox on a whim, and here I am, three years later, still loving their products. Shasta dies and comes back to life every time she sees a Barkbox-sized box arrive in the mail – I can barely set it on the floor before she’s tossing her head and trying to get up in it. For a full review, check this post out! 🐶


Back when the world was still in black and white, I worked in a photo lab doing one hour photo processing. I used to develop all my own shit, and never quite got over that lack of control once I moved on. Enter Mixbook. I love their products, I love the quality, and I love the amount of customization they facilitate.


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