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Here’s my tried-and-true Pinterest success recipe:

In 29 days, I gained 59 new followers on Pinterest.

For someone like me, who has only ever seen moderate Pinterest success at best, that’s a lot.

That isn’t including the hundreds of repins + likes that I received, and the additional traffic to my blog thanks to pin click-throughs. Like, as a blogger I’ve always kinda understood Pinterest. I would pin stuff, and see a repin every now and then. I would get spikes in traffic on my blog when a popular blogger pinned my content, but that was about it.

The Secret To My Pinterest Success | To The Wild Co.

In January, I set out to increase my Pinterest stats. Within less than three months, I’ve seen a 30% increase in new followers with about an hour of time investment per week.

This is what the first two weeks of March looked like for me:

The Secret to Pinterest Success

Here’s the truth: you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an eCourse to see the same results.

I’ve used one tool to see this kind of growth on my Pinterest account, and it’s called Tailwind.

This post is not sponsored by Tailwind – this is just a tool that I firmly believe in, because I’ve seen RESULTS.

What does Tailwind do?

Tailwind is similar to other social media tools like Buffer. You load batches of content (in this case, pins) in one go, and then the tool (Tailwind) posts them to your social media profile at the best engagement times throughout the day.

Unlike other general social media tools, Tailwind is for exclusive use with Pinterest. It is the magic behind my Pinterest success.

And, aside from posting content to your Pinterest feed, Tailwind also provides detailed analytics, a pin inspector, and a fully customizable posting schedule.

How do I Use Tailwind?

First, you’ll want to register for an account.

Once you’ve done that, you simply install the Tailwind browser extension, and you’re good to go! If you pin from your iPhone or iPad, there are apps for that, too – the iPad one is my fav.

With Tailwind installed to your browser, pins on Pinterest will look like this:

The Secret to Pinterest Success

Easy, right? Instead of clicking your normal “Pin It!” image, you just choose the little blue bird instead. You can then schedule the pin for posting later, or save it as a draft if you don’t feel like dealing with the description right then.

Features like analytics, your current schedule and queued pins can be found directly in your Tailwind dashboard.

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How easy is it?

Like, STUPID easy.

After you register for a Tailwind account, you’ll create your posting schedule, which will look something like this:

The Secret to Pinterest Success

Tailwind automatically detects the best times to post based your account analytics. To enable any of these time slots, you can just click on the appropriate times. If you prefer to add a specific time, you can click the blue “Add Timeslot” button to manually enter your own.

Your queued up pins look something like this:

The Secret to Pinterest Success

It’s super easy to drag and drop them if you want them to appear in a particular order. I use the “Shuffle” option a lot. I usually queue up loads of similar pins at once, and like to scramble them up a bit to break the monotony.

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30 Day Challenge

Tailwind is currently offering a FREE month of their Pro/Paid account.

To take advantage of this offer, here’s my challenge to you: sign up for a Tailwind account today. Spend a day completing the tasks suggested in your pin inspector, and then fill up your queue with enough pins to last you one week.

And then don’t touch Pinterest for 7 days.

After your week has passed, take a look at your Pinterest notifications and see for YOURSELF what I’ve been seeing for three months. This is something that absolutely works. It’s not magic, it’s not complicated, and it won’t take up a lot of your time before you’re seeing the same level of Pinterest success.

If you’ve got questions that I haven’t answered in this blog post, come and hit me up in my Facebook Group.

Pinterest isn’t getting any less popular. If you’re a smallish blogger, like I am, this is a tool that ensures you will benefit from a piece of the Pinterest pie.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t love pie?

Pinterest Magic | A Free Email Class for Pinterest

Psst! It’s me – future Sydney! It turns out, a lot of the stuff I did WORKED. I was able to triple my Pinterest followers in less than three months; since then, my Pinterest account has continued to grow, and I’ve had two pins go viral!

I decided to put together a six day long email class detailing my best strategies. It’s totally free, and includes bonus videos + resources for each day. I have not shared ANY of these strategies yet, so it’s good dirt!

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