It took me a shockingly long amount of time to realize how nice polished nails could look when, you know, I wasn’t the one struggling through application via my non-dominant hand.

Honestly. I got my first real manicure at the youthful age of 28; and, before that, never thought my nails could or would be anything other than chipped black pop-punk realness 💅

I’m not kidding when I say there is probably nothing better than the feeling of a fresh gel mani. And gorl. Don’t even get me started on the day I discovered kitty claws were actually a thing I could glue to my fingers.

Why yes, they do make it more difficult to type – and, you know, eat – but they are totally worth it. What a Look.

If you’ve never had a mani – gel or otherwise – I really recommend booking in an appointment at your local beauty bar or nail salon. Seriously, it’s time to snag yourself a sweet color for fall: I’m thinking orange and black for October, oxblood red for November, and evergreen for December.

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Get to clicking, and let this song guide your way:

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