Hi! I’m Sydney.

…and I never know where to start with these things.

Icebreakers are a nightmare! I live on the west coast of Canada (where I acknowledge and respect the W̱SÁNEĆ people who were here before me) with my two dogs and fam. A lot of things are important to me, but sometimes I can’t figure out what to talk about first.

Wild Co. was created on October 31, 2015. In its original incarnation I wrote a lot about blogging, and the business of it. I’ll still talk about these things every now and then, but as of late 2018, she’s going to have more of a personal/lifestyle blog feel.

These are my dogs.

That’s Shasta on the left, and Teddy on the right. Shasta is my fat lady, and Teddy is my sausage. I’m a huge advocate for bully breeds, and post them on my Instagram a lot-a lot.

In 2017, I lost 120 pounds.

When I turned 30, I realized, shit. This isn’t where I want to be. Over the next five months (from June 17 to late November) I dropped 80 pounds using CICO, and then 40 more through the first half of 2018. I plan on maintaining until 2019, when I’ll resume CICO to lose my remaining 60 pounds. In the meantime I walk and go to spin class a lot.

That’s the T for now.

I know blogs are supposed to be all about the niche now, but honestly, fuck that. If you stick around, you can expect to see content about everything above, plus other stuff that interests me, like beauty and skincare, feminism, pop culture, poorly constructed DIYs, and some other fun stuff. I also watch way more YouTube and Netflix than is probably healthy for one person to consume.

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