It took me 29 years to visit Whistler (despite living within driving distance of it my whole life), but man. Thanks to Horstman House, was it ever worth the wait.

When my best friend and I decided to go on a mini-vacation last fall, we knew we wanted somewhere we could shop, eat, drink, and relax. We wanted to find a hotel that wasn’t a teeny shoebox right in Olympic Village, nor a chain we could find in any downtown big city.

We discovered Horstman House, and knew we’d found our guy.

The Digs

The best part about Horstman House was the way it felt like we were staying in a family chalet – it almost had an AirBnB vibe. Check in was easy, parking was free – and heated. The suite itself was decked out in simple, familiar feeling furniture, and the kitchen included everything from dishware to glasses and cutlery.

Both the bedroom and the living room featured GIGANTIC windows that showed off the trees and forest outside. Obviously the first thing we did was pour a little drink for ourselves on the balcony.

The sights about ten minutes away from Horstman House.

Two drinks for two BEST friends.

The Location

Because neither of us were familiar with Whistler, we really had no idea where to start when we began looking for somewhere to stay.

Booking directly in Whistler Village would be nice – but way too pricey. We knew we wouldn’t be skiing or snowboarding, but we didn’t want to be so far away from town that it would be a production to cab to and from dinner every night.

Horstman House was right in that sweet spot, where you really feel like you’re in a ski chalet, but aren’t so far out that it makes commuting a pain in the ass. Our cab rides into Whistler Village were under $10 (including tip) each way.

The Itinerary

Our three priorities for the weekend were:

Shopping, relaxing, and playing video games.

If we had stayed in summer, I’m sure there would have been a nearby hike or trail we could have managed, but going in November meant that it was all rain, all the time. We dipped into Lost Lake Park for a little jaunt through the woods – and it was beautiful – but for the most part, we spent our time indoors. And loved it.

That said, there’s a SHIT TON of shopping to do in Whistler. We mostly stuck to the Village, which is packed full of stores, galleries, and restaurants.

Back at the hotel, we hooked the Wii up to the TV so we could get our Mario and YouTube on. AND IT WAS EVERYTHING. We also spent many an afternoon and evening in the outdoor hot tub, which was truly ~picturesque.

You’ll have to drag my cold dead body away from quintessentially touristy products like this.

My favorite drink from our excursions, a Bramble from Whistler Brewhouse.

The Verdict

Keeping with the foresty theme of this post, I give Horstman House a FULL 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 🐻 five bears out of five. Should I find myself back in Whistler, I would absolutely drop by Horstman House’s corner of the woods again.

To book your own stay, check out Horstman House online!


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