Does anyone feel like the world of blogging has become one gigantic pyramid scheme about how to make money blogging? I made $10,000 dollars last month from one post alone! It was hardly any work! You can do it from anywhere! And for $49, I’ll show YOU how to do it in my ecourse! Better register now, it’s only on sale for 48 hours!

Everything is an ad now. If you don’t have to pay out of pocket, you’re still clicking on affiliate links or trading your email for a workbook. I’m over it.

I took the long way around realizing that I miss personal blogging.

Remember it? People wrote about things that interested them and not just how they monetized their month-old blog? Sure, that era came along with its own problems: nobody needs THAT many gift guides, Barbara. But it was a new frontier. Bloggers were just figuring things out – even affiliate links were new to us at that point. THEN someone realized that, the more they wrote about the business of blogging, the more their traffic spiked.



I mean, it’s true. We love to read about how to run a successful blog. The problem I have with that is, when making money becomes our top priority, a lot of the time, the bottom falls out on our content.

How many times have you read about:

I know that I got sucked into this never-ending cycle for a very, very long time. I needed to read more, spend more, and do more. I needed more email subscribers and I needed to push out an ecourse and if I wasn’t making affiliate money then what was I even doing with myself? I started to get burnt out very quickly, and you can see that in the tone of some of my more recent blogging-about-blogging posts.

It’s not that I think this kind of information should have a moratorium on it. I’m just salty it consumed the entire lifestyle blogging genre.

So here’s the deal…

Google tells me personal blogging is dead, but I’m gonna try it anyway. I miss being creative for fun rather than for monetization. There’s a lot more about me than my Pinterest and blogging strategies – and while that is A part, it’s not the only thing I have to offer. I know the general advice is to NICHE NICHE NICHE until you’re only writing about one thing for one group of people, but fuck that.

I’m gonna start sharing a little bit of everything.

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