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In “surprising to absolutely no one” news, I have a huge respect and adoration for drag.

Drag is a form of art. My personal opinion is that, when it comes to makeup and hair, drag queens know best. If you want to see someone get their lacefront clocked from across the room, hang out with a drag queen.

There’s a lot of stuff I’ve already learned from drag: how to apply a fake eyelash, where to buy a nice nail, and why taking yourself too seriously will get you absolutely nowhere.

The next thing on my list is: hair.

As a kid, I looked at performers like Britney Spears and The Spice Girls, and coveted their makeup and hair. Of course I had NO IDEA that wigs and extensions were a thing – I just thought they were naturally blessed in that department.

I’m super hard on my hair, and spent many a year bleaching it to hell and back as a teenager. My hair was every color you can think of – from red to purple to green to blue – I did it. Even as I approach the big three-zero, sometimes buying a little $2.50 thing of bleach and a container of Manic Panic hair dye is #1 on my “things that seem like a good idea right now” list.

SO, ENTER WIGS. Yes, after coveting magazine ready hair throughout my childhood, and watching drag queens transform themselves night after night as an adult, I had an epiphany:

Why don’t I just buy a wig?

Of course, I knew nothing about wigs – other than that snatching someone’s wig off is both a compliment and a threat – and I had no idea where to start.

Black Hairspray is the online shop I have been waiting for. Seriously, look at these beauties:

Black Hairspray

From top left to bottom right: Chelsea, Eva, Melissa, Yara, Georgine, Diva

If you’re not sure where to start, half wigs are a really great option. Half wigs are exactly what they sound like – half a wig – and allow you to show off your hairline, while filling out the back of your hair.

One last thing that I love about Black Hairspray:

They’re very affordable, and have hair at every price point. Investing your hard earned coin in a wig doesn’t have to break the bank – unless you want it to 💪

This post is sponsored by Black Hairspray 💘

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