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Domain Registration // I got into a bad habit of registering my domain names with whoever my host was at the time. This worked – at first – but, eight hosts later, it’s a major pain to track down domain names when I have to do DNS changes. In 2016 I started registering everything with Namecheap, and haven’t looked back since.

SiteGround πŸ’˜

Hosting // Can I even say enough good things about SiteGround? Seriously. They are so fast, so helpful, and SO MUCH BETTER THAN BLUEHOST. I switched to SiteGround in October 2016, and I have not regretted it one day since.


Creative Market

Graphics // LET ME TELL YOU BOUT CREATIVE MARKET. It’s such an amazing resource for logo creation, design elements, and icon packs – I definitely have to rein myself in, lest I spend a hundred dollars on mandalas and moon phase vectors. Dump Fiverr, and head to Creative Market instead πŸ‘Œ

ElegantThemes πŸ’˜

Framework // I recently decided to switch away from Genesis for no reason other than needing a change. I invested my money in the Divi framework, and DAMN am I ever glad I decided to U-turn. I use the drag-and-drop builder to make lead pages, pretty forms, and tons of other fun things. Their Bloom and Monarch plugins are also RAD.

Social Media


Pinterest // I was a holdout on BoardBooster for a VERY long time. Although I primarily use Tailwind for Pinterest (more on that below), I love BoardBooster’s looping feature. I’m on the $5/month tier, and loop my biggest boards – blogging, entrepreneurship, social media, and blog marketing – daily. I still use Tailwind for the majority of my pin scheduling, but love BoardBooster’s loop + delete feature as a supplement to that.

Tailwind πŸ’˜

Pinterest // If you’ve ever heard me talk about Pinterest, you know I love Tailwind – like, a lot. Tailwind totally changed the way I looked and used Pinterest. In less than four months, I went from having 350 followers to over 900. I would marry Tailwind if I could.



Workflow // Asana is a beautiful hybrid of task management and general organization. You can set up + duplicate processes, create reoccurring tasks, teams and follow-ups. I personally love Asana because my brain is always working; sometimes in a way that is a detriment to my productivity. When I think of something I have to get done, I create a task in Asana. That way I’m able to complete the current task I’m working on, and know Asana will have the next one waiting for me when the time is right.

Google for Business πŸ’˜

Email // So far I’ve really only taken advantage of Gmail in the Google Business suite, but I think that alone is worth the monthly cost. I love that I can access my business email from anywhere – and, let’s be real – what’s better than Gmail? The answer is “nothing.” Except maybe Tailwind.


ConvertKit πŸ’˜

Email List Management // To be completely honest, ConvertKit really freaked me out the first time I used it. I was so confused. I had just spent $30 on this service that I didn’t even know if I needed, and I couldn’t figure out how to use it! I am so glad I had the patience to learn, because the control ConvertKit offers you over your email list is INSANE. If you want to get serious about your list, give ConvertKit a try.


Barkbox πŸ’˜

Doggy Fun // Like three years ago, I signed up for Barkbox on a whim, and here I am, three years later, still loving their products. Shasta dies and comes back to life every time she sees a Barkbox-sized box arrive in the mail – I can barely set it on the floor before she’s tossing her head and trying to get up in it. For a full review, check this post out! 🐢


Photo Products // Years ago, when the world was still in black and white, I worked in a photo lab doing one hour photo processing. I used to develop all my own shit, and never quite got over that lack of control once I moved on. Enter Mixbook. I love their products, I love the quality, and I love the amount of customization they facilitate.

Last Updated on May 4, 2017

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