Why F#!$ Is A Part of My Business Vocabulary

When I was thirteen, I said fuck for the first time. I was really super impressed with myself. I was such an adult! And saying it felt so succinct, so right. Seventeen years later, I still swear when I feel like it. I’ve also worked for and with massive corporations, and held customer facing jobs where I won titles and awards like “best customer support” and “zero escalations.” Here’s the thing about that: Bad words don’t equal bad service, or a bad attitude. Swearing doesn’t make me: – Stupid – Uneducated – Disrespectful And, when I choose to swear...

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How to Bring New Energy Into Your Home

It’s that time of year to bring new energy into your home. Whatever your personal beliefs are, there is one sentiment most of us can agree on: The first quarter of the new year is an effective time to remove the bad, and bring in the good. That might be oversimplifying it. Let me explain — New Year’s resolutions (and the spring cleaning that follows) are pretty good annual to-dos for the majority of us. But, to those of us who also practice energy work – and believe that a good flow of energy is important to maintain daily...

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5 Habits That Will Improve Your Business (Without Spending a Dime!)

When it comes to improving yourself and your business, there’s always a dollar figure on the table to grow your blog. Use this service for $19.99 a month! Buy this book for $14.99! Take this eCourse for $99.99! None of these things are intrinsically bad to invest in, but it does get overwhelming – and, for someone just starting out, that dollar figure can add up fast. Not all bloggers NEED to use a combination of Tailwind, Leadpages, and ConvertKit, but we’ve been trained to think that these products are necessary for success. Knowledge is power, but for a...

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Bluehost Sucks. Here’s How to Transfer Your Blog to SiteGround In Four Easy Steps

Exceptionally slow page loading times. WordPress upload errors. Site downtime. Third tier Customer Support. When you signed up for a Bluehost account, you probably did so under the recommendation of one of your favorite bloggers, right? Me too. Here’s the truth: Bluehost has a killer affiliate program. Bloggers have the opportunity to make $65 per referral – that’s a lot when your “How to Start a Blog” post has gone viral on Pinterest, and hundreds of new bloggers are signing up through your referral link. In 2015, Bluehost paid out over five million dollars through their affiliate program. This...

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How The Three Point Method Will Help You Become a Boss Ass Bitch

The Three Point Method changed my approach to goal setting. Here’s something you might already know about me: I have a lot of ideas. So many, that sometimes, I don’t know where to start. I’m also burnt out 50% of the time, because once I’m in idea mode, I’m like a dog with a bone that doesn’t know how to let go. Maybe you can relate. It’s a vicious cycle of over-productivity and executive dysfunction, and it’s exhausting. Sure, when it’s good, it’s good. But when it’s not, it’s BAD. Early on in my dalliance with entrepreneurship, I struggled...

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How to Get Rid of Stuff When You’re Really, Really Bad at It

Two weeks ago, I was standing in my guest bedroom, up to my knees in cardboard boxes and dusty old shit. Everything was there. The boxes and boxes of stuffed animals and Beanie Babies that have followed me from house to house since I was a kid. A bag of ancient baby clothes my mom didn’t want to throw out, so gave to me instead. If you looked through each box, you could see exactly who I was at 4, 7, 12, 18, and 22. At 29, I stood there thinking, what the fuck am I going to do...

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