🎥 | Watching: Captain America: Civil War
🎤 | Listening: Outkast – Stankonia
📓 | Reading: Amy Schumer’s The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo
✒️ | Working on: Instagram branding + content creation

This week went by so damn fast, despite the fact I thought both Wednesday and Thursday were Friday. Maintaining 48 hours of pure calendar confusion is a talent sponsored by my exceptionally low iron levels.

Two days ago, I inherited my great-grandparents dining room table, thanks to my grandma’s recent remodel of her kitchen. I had to shuffle a bunch of stuff around to fit it: what was my dining-room-dressed-up-as-an-office is now just a dining room. I’m not mad about it, really.

The whole thing triggered a new round of Googling and Pinterest. The table is just a table, which means I need some chairs. I’ve got these ones in mind, but if a set of nice mid-century chairs come into my life somehow, I’m not gonna say no.

ALSO, if you haven’t been watching the new Allstars season of Drag Race: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Stop Taking Pride In Not Knowing How To Do Basic Shit — Like, you do you, but if I could print a thousand copies of this article and hand it out to every girl who thinks it’s cute to be hahaha soooooooo helpless, I would.

Comedian Iliza Shlesinger Has a Message for Male Feminists (and Haters) — I CANNOT WAIT FOR HER NEW NETFLIX SPECIAL, and this quote is so real:

I think a lot of women like to use feminism as a way to rally women behind “girl power.” But I wonder if people live it day-to-day. I know that I do. I don’t have a Fortune 500 company that I can stock with all women, but I know that in moments where I’ve been frustrated, if I’ve chosen to be kind to another woman or see where she’s coming from.

The darkly glamorous and important story of America’s first rehab — Historical dirty secrets are kind of my jam (see: Washington going HAM with taxpayer dollars during his presidency.)

Rise and Scam: Joanne the Scammer lives for drama. Branden Miller is just trying to live. — Joanne is me. I am Joanne. Spiritually, anyway. Branden Miller seems like a legit dude and I wish him all the success in the world. Truly. Honestly.

How I Came To Understand My Adult ADHD — You know when you read an article and you think to yourself, shit, that’s ME. That was my experience reading this post on Adult ADHD:

When I asked how this was possible, my doctor-friend hit the nail on the head without looking up from her menu: “You were performing well, so no one asked you how you felt.”

⏃ Found Photographs of Perfect American Road Trips, Fifty Years Too Late — I have such a boner for retro Americana, especially from the 1940s and 1950s (see: recent obsession with Captain America), so this pictorial hit all my buttons.